Monday, June 6, 2011

Long Hairstyles For Black Women 2010 | Long Hairstyles For Black Women

Over the decades, the social significance of black hairstyles has remained an important part of black history. Unlike other American cultural trends, black hairstyles represent a significant history of women and black pride. Where else can an image of self-esteem and self-play a high role in society? When black women get into the hall for a new hairstyle, they often have to do the "big picture", taking into account the social message to send to walk around the room and black society.

Since the early 1400, when slaves were brought to the "New World", which were made to change her hairstyle to traditional European standards. This includes the use of herbs and botanicals that relaxed their coarse hair, giving the appearance of fine hair. During slavery times, black women accustomed to their European counterparts had straight hair, combed and parted. Since then, black women have often been ridiculed for their choices regarding their hair.

At times today, black women must choose to conform to Western society and their hairstyles or go for more natural look. During the late sixties, the "Afro" and more traditional forms of taking the hair with one made its debut. The image of freedom and pride led the movement of the eyes of The Natural. But it was just that, a trend that came and went, and in the near future, will most likely come again. However, since then, more women have opted for black hairstyles that are "Americanized" and the draft opinion of the society of beautiful hair.

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