Monday, June 6, 2011

Long Hair Styles 2010 | Long Hair Styles For Women

Spring hairstyles for women call for cuts that show excellent soft layers and wispy fringes hairstyles easy and versatile. It's the perfect time to carry out this soft feminine look to complement open necklines, flowing floral fabrics and makeup soft pastel silk suitable for the season.

It seems iron is temporarily relegated to the drawer, at least until after the season of sunshine, soft textures and curls State and most likely dominate the hair waves in the coming months. It's about carefree natural look with great texture and not as hair products more.

Here are some basic guidelines to get that new look in fashion:

Sassy Short Hair

This season, shorter hairstyles are a study in contradiction, an incredible mix of soft and strong, if you will, with a touch of playfulness and the rebels. Most women seem to be afraid of short hair, and you are quite sure that would not end with the blunt cut and straight edges. But if done right, do away with the most fashionable style short hair.

Sexy medium length or shoulder height

A whole hair length seems boring and dull, and the possibility that there will frame the face should be. Therefore, avoid at all costs. The layers are still very general and give your hair the bounce motion, brightness and softness of silk finish.

Getting the right style: Ask your stylist to add more layers to the back with shorter chains compared to better frame its face. Give firm instructions not to over-coating, however, as this can lead to hair get a little too soft and thin at the bottom, and can create "fly-away" threads.

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