Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Women Hair Loss | Women Hair Loss Treatment

The biggest obstacle is likely to find is your own patience. You should recognize this as a way to better health and better hair. You'll know when you reach your destination, but there are lots of windy roads on their way.

Even the healthiest of all women still have a steady flow of hormones and hormones to counteract your body along. During two weeks of every month the woman's body comes with estrogen, a female hormone, which is the most potent weapon against the male hormone DHT that causes hair loss in women.

After two weeks, estrogen production decreases and is replaced by progesterone, a hormone essential for pregnancy and the female equivalent to testosterone. After two weeks, the cycle begins again.

It also has a flow of hormones in your body, but not the right hormones. For various reasons, your body is flooded with DHT. You probably still producing progesterone, but not estrogen. Without estrogen to counteract progesterone, which is also the flood of your body that amplifies the effects of DHT.

As they work in curing your hair loss, is back to normal. Each month, the amount of DHT in the system will be less than the previous month. Soon her body gradually increase the amount of estrogen produced each month.

As estrogen levels increase, the amount of DHT in the system will be compensated. It should only be a few months before there is considerably less shedding. But hair loss cure for women is complicated by the natural hormonal cycle of women. Sometime during the month, estrogen levels fall and there is nothing to counteract the DHT. So hair loss seem to reaccelerate.

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