Saturday, June 11, 2011

Medium Straight Hairstyles For Women | Medium To Short Hairstyles For Women

Everyone cares about their hair. On the one hand, the attention of others will be the first points to the main part of the first hearing. On the other hand, a long hair represents your mood. You are ready to order your hair when you are happy and would not like the groom when not in the mood. On the other hand, hair fashion trends also more absorbent than the whole world can change at any time.

However, there is an element that should not be overlooked is the shape of your face when you're trying to figure out what kind of haircut is best for you. There are four basic shapes of face, square, oval, round and long face. Among them, a square face is the hardest when it comes to hairstyles. Unfortunately, I am a square face shape and have experienced much pain when I try to find the best hairstyle. Now I'd like to share my experience here and hope you can help if you also have the same face as me.

First, it shows people who have the similar face shape to you and compare their styles to see if it makes sense or not. Then you can go to the hairdresser to test the haircut that suits you best.

Second, as we all know, by the square face shape, her face always, always, when it is very wide. And typical of this side is that has a wide jaw and hairline and a square face people tend to look shorter than they are. To make you look perfect, they need a short or medium length that can make your face longer. At the same time you need curly and wavy styles can make your face look roundness around your face.

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