Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1950s Hairstyles For Women | 2009 Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles have continued to evolve over the past century and every decade seems to have its own look. Like the current look is straight and elegant, the look back in 1950 was younger. 1950 was an era of innovative and flamboyant hairstyles, some of which still continue to inspire hair artists. It was a time when there was peace and prosperity throughout the world. The war had just ended and unlike the utilitarian look that characterized the 1930 and 1940, the appearance of this time was more glamorous.

Back in the 1940's, the predominant style was feminine and romantic. With soft curls falling over her shoulders and long hair, natural wavy blowing gently in the breeze, the 1940's hairstyle was an invocation of the eternal feminine form. However, this was the look of the people at the top rung of society or a look reserved for evening parties. 1940 was a period when the world was experiencing a serious economic crisis. This economic scenario has forced many a woman to go to work. The hairstyle of the day was the practical and tailored to the workers. At that time, women mostly worked in farms or factories and hair products like shampoo were hard to acquire. In this scenario, the look was strictly utilitarian and women wore their hair usually in a fair vote around the neck and knotted in the ears, often covered with a headscarf. lotions, hair style you had in place was in vogue.

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